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    10 month old dobermann with a new born human

    This sounds kind of weird, but maybe put some of your baby's clothes on one of those dolls that makes noises and let Maze get closer? This way same scent as your newborn and not putting the baby in any danger since you feel Maze is not completely trusted yet.
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    Stacking Practice

    She's a beauty. Curious about the Show collar. Is that the one that's typically worn high up on the neck? And why?
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    Breeder Websites not updated?

    Hi does anyone have an email / phone # for Benchmark? Their website "Contact Us" form doesn't submit for me and I haven't had any responses as of yet from their FB Messenger.
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    Which health test to look for when selecting a breeder / puppy

    Thanks all for the response. Also is there a COI level to stay under where possible (made up example but anything over 50% is bad)
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    Which health test to look for when selecting a breeder / puppy

    Hi All, Didn't know if this was better asked here or in the breeder section. I've noticed that when looking through breeder sites, etc. that many of the Sire / Dam aren't tested for the same health screenings. Is this common? Are there certain health problems that affect males and females...
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    Out of country breeders

    I would agree with supporting local anything when possible (breeders in this instance), however in my limited experience searching so far (and new to finding breeders) I've had issues with contacting several breeders via email / Facebook messaging / etc. Many emails or online question / comment...
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    Out of country breeders

    Also 2 other names that come up constantly in searches are Fort Bellator and Altebello. I have not contacted either yet.
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    Out of country breeders

    @Thompson114 I’m in the same boat as you. Looking for a European puppy ~early 2021. I’ve emailed a few breeders in and out of the US. The ones that I’ve contacted outside of the US so far are Lipar Land (no response yet) Brutal Dragons (initial response of 2 upcoming litters) Pride of Russia...
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    How much exercise?

    Definitely informative
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    Walking distance for pups

    Thanks @Doberman Gang
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    The colors of a red Doberman

    I can see that. UV / sunlight eventually fades everything I think.
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    Walking distance for pups

    Sorry for digging up old threads... Is there an age breakdown on the best way to safely exercise a doberman. I know it'll be case by case specific, but looking for generalizations where possible so I can follow best practices when I eventually bring one home (and if different between male /...
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    Von Willebrand....How common is this?

    Thanks All. This is giving me more information so that I know what questions to ask breeders while searching for the right puppy. Glad I found this forum.
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    Von Willebrand....How common is this?

    Thanks for the response. Trying to wrap my head around all the intricacies of breeding and what is listed / not listed on a breeder's litter announcement and how important certain things are to the overall health and well being of the Doberman.