Silent Dobe

Been in the working dog game for 15 years, been in working Dobes for 12. I still feel like a newb most of the time, I just like working my dogs and enjoying their friendship and life lessons they teach us. I'm always willing to help someone long as they actually want to be helped.
December 12
Chicago, IL
First Name
Dogs Names
Nassor's The Saints Silence-PSA I, IPO II, CGC
Jerry Lee vom Mandalyn(GSD)-PSA PDC, BH, CD, CGC
(Nassors) Vex de nà Straif-PSA PDC
(Nassors)Draugr de na Straif (Jotunn)-PSA PDC
K-9 Titles
Silence-BH,PSA PDC, PSA I, IPO II, Vex de na Straif-PSA PDC, Draugr de na Straif-PSA PDC
Professional Sculptor


Vex na Straif-PSA PDC
Jötun na Straif-PSA PDC
Jerry Lee vom Mandalyn-PSA PDC, BH, CD, CGC
Nassor's The Saints Silence- PSA I, IPO II

APPDA Judge and Competitor



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