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    Meet Rhea!

    Rhea is so adorable! :) Congratulations!!
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    Happy Birthday to the twins!! They both look so happy! Beautiful babies :love:
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    Saying goodbye is so hard...

    :( Hugs to you and your husband during this very difficult time, it is so hard to lose them. Keeping you and your family in my thoughts and prayers. :sorrow:
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    Spock is 9!

    :party: Happy Birthday to Spock!! I really love his ears :love: he is a handsome guy!
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    Enlarged Prostate Common in Dobies???

    It sounds very much like what I went through with my boy. He had blood in his urine and blood drops would actually drip from his manhood. The vet told me that his prostate was enlarged, so at 5 years old he lost his nuggets :pirate:. He was fine after that and the bleeding stopped. I am glad to...
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    Buddy is 11 years old today!

    :hb: He really could pass for much younger! Happy Birthday Buddy!!! :love::party::love:
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    We lost our Blu boy today.

    How my heart hurts for you and your family. The pain and sorrow in your words brought back a very familiar sting inside my heart. I lost my boy the very same way. I can tell you that when there is a such a strong bond, that even though you no longer see him he is right there beside you and his...
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    HAPPY 4th birthday ARES !

    Happy Birthday you gorgeous boy!!:love:
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    Here is our rescue boy thats almost 14.

    What a sweet boy!!! Thank you for sharing your story! Lot's of hugs and kisses to you Blu :love:
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    Drogon (Apollo from Lipar Land)

    My heart goes out to you :( It's very sad when we lose such a loved and cherished member of our family. May peace and comfort find its way to your heart.
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    Happy 9th Birthday sweet Della

    Happy Birthday Della!! She's such a pretty girl Jan! I hope that she had a great Birthday:)
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    Please post your Doberman's name and age.

    Anduin: 1yr 6 months
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    Kimber turned One!

    Happy Birthday!!! Such beautiful pictures :love:
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    Join us on our new journey....

    :love: What a blessing it is that she found such a good home, not just any home but yours! She is such a beautiful girl! Just know that as I sit here I have the biggest smile on my face and eyes full of tears... what a beautiful beginning! This is so awesome!!!
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    Blaze turned 1

    Happy Birthday to Blaze:party: Man, he sure was a cute puppy! I love his little dober-toes :paw: They grow up so fast!