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    Flea and tick prevention

    Here's one thread on it. We personally use Nexgard chewables but it's not totally natural.
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    Training Buttons for your Dog

    Wow this is really intriguing to me! I hope you keep us updated on it. I bet that really exercises the mind.
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    Ingredient Splitting — Deceptive Dog Food Labeling Trick

    Ingredient splitting is one of the pet food industry’s most misleading marketing practices. Of course… Dog food companies deny any wrongdoing. They claim they’re simply following Federal labeling guidelines. Yet perceptive shoppers cry foul. They insist ingredient splitting is a deliberate...
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    Herm Sprenger black prong - sharp?

    In the bottom photo it looks like there might be some sort of a small burr on the black prong. I'm sure just a tiny bit of sanding would take it off.
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    Submit your photos for the DCF "All Puppies" calendar contest here

    I had to crop that one for you since it was in portrait rather than landscape
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    Random Pet Video of the Day - Share yours!

    The dogs were happy to see Dad this afternoon after being away for nearly a week.
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    13 weeks all or nothing puppy

    I have a feeling you said a lot right there. He needs to learn some NILIF (nothing in life is free) so he starts respecting you and has to work a little for a reward. Granted he's still young and the nipping is just something...
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    Halloween, anyone? Put your photos here!

    Damn it Albert, Mom said stay. LOL
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    Herm Sprenger black prong - sharp?

    That's what our trainer has too and I didn't notice any difference aside from the color. The link you posted doesn't work but I'd like to see a photo of the actual collor you got in case there was something defective.
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    Halloween, anyone? Put your photos here!

    This one still makes me laugh every day. :D :spit:
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    Castiels growth/progress

    Very nice!
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    Freedom on the trails

    It's so great to see him doing well again! Great shots as usual!
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    Random Pet Photo of the Day - 2021

    Happy Birthday Otto! :hb:
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    Blanket with a nose

    So cute! Both of ours are under blankets as we speak too.
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    Same here! Everything was crispy most of the summer but we've started getting some in the last month or so. The dogs aren't so thrilled by it but we sure are.