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    Favorite brand of prong collars

    I always stick to the small prongs, too. Just buy more links. Only other brand I have used is the hidden prong collars, but they don't give you the same correction.
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    GPS on your biting, eating, pooping machine?

    I never let my dog get out of sight. You need to recall him before, turn up the e-collar if needed. Ours knows not to get out of sight, too, or he would get a serious shock.
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    What size collar? (15 weeks)

    When do you switch to the mid seize prong collar? My friend keeps her always in the small, just buys more links. What do you recommend?
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    I think he is just about ready :)

    Weight is o.k. when you build it up gradually. Looks like a great heel to me.
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    Biting and misbehaving?

    Fully agree. Needs training.
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    Biting and misbehaving?

    Best to put her in a muzzle for a while. E collar, too. We had similar issues and resolved them this way.