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    All Doberman calendar contest entry thread

    :wow::wow: But you capture some great shot...that looks like it came off a calendar!!!!
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    All Doberman calendar contest entry thread

    Beautiful shot of Bella!!!!!!!! :wow::wow::wow:
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    :lmao: OMG does he look pissed :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: But beautiful pictures anyway :D
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    To crop or not to crop?

    To me it isn't about if the dog should be cropped and docked or not it is simply wanting to have the choice!!!!
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    I've made the right decision!

    What an awesome story...I am a bit teary eyed too!! I think therapy dogs really can brighten the day of a sick or elderly patient. Working in a nursing home I see huge smiles and a sparkle in the eyes of residents where normally they sit quite expressionless. Congrats to you and your dogs and...
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    Houston Dog Park

    Wow what a fantastic park....doggy pool and all...also thought the big fire hydrant was a cool touch for the boys visiting LOL!! Don't know exactly how you feel about the move but parks like that one should make it nice for your pack :)
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    To crop or not to crop?

    I like the dark, I like the no neighbors close by, I like everything but the smell....but I grew up in a small town surrounded by farms so the town smelled the same as my home in the country....but still don't like the smell LOL!!
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    To crop or not to crop?

    too dark??
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    Nellie and Gael update...

    :congrats: :woot::woot::woot::congrats::wow::wow::wow::wow::wow:
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    To crop or not to crop?

    Hey I am one of those people :rofl:
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    Redman's and Rayna's Birthday Bash

    Looks like a great Birthday party!!! :party::hb: So nice to see a whole pack of dobes at play :)
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    Another small brag...

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    Nellie and Gael update...

    :congrats: on the RN and :fingersx: for the BN :woot::woot::woot::woot::woot:
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    Ellie may

    Awww the silly dobersit.....don't they look so silly when they do it LOL But Ellie is still a pretty girl in any position :p
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    Nellie and Gael update...

    :wow::wow::wow:AWESOME DAY AWESOME JOB NELLIE & GAEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!