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    • Rits
      I wonder who she is getting snarky with? Albert??
    • JanS
      LOL, he was standing right behind her. :)
    • Rits
      Great capture!
    • LaBellaVita
      I would hate to be the one he's growling at :)
    • TitantheDobe
      That's an amazing picture! Beautiful red dobie too, my favorite!
    • Denissov43
      ROFLMAO!!! SNARK ATTACK! Della Della bo bella, you mean mean vicious girl you! LOL!! god I love her!
    • FredC
      As far as i can tell that is just the average typical everyday Doberman smile. :)
      That is the same exact look i get from Mars just before he slaps a big wet one on my face.
    • Denissov43
      LOL! that is NO smile Von... that is a 'back off punk or I'll kill ya" face at Albert... I just bet...
    • FredC
      your probably right but that is no doubt my boys famous pucker face
    • Max Hawk
      Love it Jan!! I'm am so stupid I keep forgetting to look through the albums yours are awesome! It's a great feature here to be able to have these! ;)
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